Tragedy for Gillett as injury forces early retirement, but it is a blessing in disguise for the Broncos

Broncos second-rower Matt Gillett has announced his retirement from the game due to injury.

As a player who emerged from the Broncos’ youth academy, it was sad to see Gillett’s career come to an end in such a fashion. That said, given Gillett’s dire on field performances in recent seasons, and the substantial salary cap space his wage was consuming, his premature departure is somewhat of blessing in disguise for the club. While the New South Wales born second-rower could come up with a big hit now and then, it didn’t compensate for his consistent lack of run metres as an 80 minute player (a shocking average of just 67 metres per match in 2019).


2019 performance data – forwards

To be blunt, Gillett’s re-signing 12 months ago seemed like a waste of precious cap space by the Broncos.  His premature departure while sad, is a positive thing for the future of the club.


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