Blow to Broncos’ 2019 prospects as Tagataese and Fensom retire

In a blow to the Broncos’ 2019 prospects, forward options Sam Tagataese and Shaun Fensom have announced their retirement from the game.

While neither player was given opportunities in the senior side in 2019, both players produced 96 run metres per game last season for Souths, as well as recording one offload and only one missed tackle per match.

While the Broncos have evidently committed to investing in the likes of Fifita, Flegler and Carrigan, all three players were out performed last year by the retiring duo, highlighting the club’s lack of focus on cultivating a high performance culture.


2019 productivity data – forwards

In light of that, Tagataese and Fensom’s departure is another disappointing moment for the Broncos’ recruitment and retention team.

While obviously it’s the players’ decision to conclude their playing career, one can’t help but feel both players would have continued their professional footballing careers at the club, had their on field performances been rewarded with more opportunities in the senior side.

While the Broncos have fortunately secured fellow forwards Haas, Kennedy, Oates, Lodge, Ofahegaue, and Hopoate for the 2020 season, as well as the likes Fifita and Flegler, it will be interesting to see if the Broncos pursue the likes of Luke Page, Lachlan Timm, Lloyd Perrett, Ben Shea or Nat Neale, given the superior on field performances in 2019 of those potential recruits to that of at least Fifita and Flegler.


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