Broncos extend contract of Alex Glenn

In recruitment news, the Broncos have announced the re-signing of experienced forward and centre/wing option Alex Glenn (31) on a two year deal until the end of 2021.


The club’s decision to re-sign the experienced New Zealander is another poor recruitment decision by the club, given the player is consuming a significant portion of the Broncos’ salary cap space, in 2019, was the least productive forward or centre/wing option at the club.


2019 productivity data – forwards

Centre and Winger

2019 productivity data – centres and wingers

With the departure of Gillett, Tagataese, Fensom, andMago the Broncos had an opportunity to also release Glenn and use the salary cap space to recruit a more productive forward (e.g. Luke Page, Lachlan Timm, Lloyd Perrett, Ben Shea, Nat Neale) or centre/winger (e.g. Rogan Dean, Jon Reuben, Paul Ulberg, Talor Walters, Kalifa Fai Fai Loa, Brenko Lee, Delouise Hoeter).

Instead the Broncos again demonstrated their lack of ruthlessness in recruitment and re-signed Glenn, which is another poor use of the Broncos’ cap space.


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