Broncos sign Arthars

In recruitment news, the Broncos have announced the signing of centre/wing and fullback option Jesse Arthar (21) on a two year deal.

With a host of young outside backs already on the Broncos books (e.g. Shibasaki, Kennan, Perese, Vudogo, Staggs, Issako, Farnworth, Nui) and all of those players substantially outperforming Arthars’ 80 metres per match contribution last season, it is somewhat perplexing that the Broncos have wasted precious salary cap space on signing Arthars.


2019 productivity data – fullbacks

Centre and Winger

2019 productivity data – centres and wingers

Arthars signing is yet another example of the lack of ruthlessness in the Broncos’ recruitment practices. One can only hope the Broncos don’t consequential lose one of their more productive young outside backs as a result of Arthars’ arrival.


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