Broncos re-sign Tagataese for a further season

In recruitment news, the Broncos have announced the re-signing of experienced forward Sam Tagataese (31) on a one year deal.

Sam Tagataese

While Tagataese’s contribution off the field last season was excellent, his re-signing is a somewhat questionable decision by the club given his offensive performances on the field were underwhelming, averaging 91 run metres, 2 missed tackles and 1 offload per match.

Contrasting his on field performances with that of this fellow forwards and Tagataese finished the season as the Broncos’ 11th most productive forward.


While his retention is a somewhat questionable use of the Broncos’ cap space, Tagataese’s on field productive was vastly superior to that of Gillett and Glenn both of whom are on long term deals with the club.


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