Broncos appoint Seibold as head coach for season 2020

The Brisbane Broncos have confirmed that incumbent South Sydney head coach will succeed Wayne Bennett starting from the season 2020.

Notoriously silent Broncos’ Chairman Karl Morris made the announcement on 31 October in a move designed to stop the conjecture about the Broncos’ future coach at Red Hill beyond next season.

While Seibold was not my preferred option (the Walker brothers), the current South Sydney coach showed a lot of promise, tactically, in his first season in charge of the Rabbitohs, repeatedly stretching opposing defences horizontally, while also regularly using the powerful forwards at his disposal to progress down field.

That said, with Seibold having such limited NRL experience and Shane Richardson primarily responsible for recruitment at South Sydney, its hard to tell how much of the credit for the Rabbitohs’ performances this past season should go to Richardson as opposed to Seibold, and whether Seibold’s tactical approach can, season on season, deliver consistently productive performances from the players he is coaching.

Nevertheless, a change was necessary for the Broncos, who initially improved under Bennett, following Anthony Griffins’ rein, but then stagnated and regressed, as repeated poor team selections and a stubborn persistence with a tactical approach that failed to accentuate the strengths of the Broncos’ key playmakers, ultimately being Bennett undone.


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