Broncos news: Walters quits as Assistant Coach

The Broncos have announced some big news regarding their coaching staff with Kevin Walters standing down from his role as Brisbane Broncos’ assistant coach.

Brought back to the club at the start of the season and given the opportunity to specifically shape the Broncos’ attack in season 2018, it has been an inauspicious start to the season for Walters with the Broncos struggling badly to devise and execute a game play which accentuates the strengths of their fleetfooted and nimble halves Nikorima and Milford.

In announcing the decision, Walters advised that he was stepping down from his role at the Broncos to eliminate any perceptions of bias in his role as the Queensland State of Origin team’s head coach and to allow himslf to focus solely on coaching the Maroons.

It’s an odd time for Walters to have made the decision to relinquish his role at the Broncos as one would have thought that the issue of his impartiality would have been considered and resolved when he took up the opportunity to return to the club in a coaching capacity at the start of the season. It is difficult to understand what has monumentally changed on that front after 4 rounds of the NRL premiership.

Then again, based on comments made by Broncos Chief Executive, Paul White, in response to Walters’ decision, the issue may have been more so Walters’ capacity to perform both coaching roles, given Walters’ work ethic.

It will be interesting to see how Walters’ departure affects the Broncos’ attacking strategy for the rest of the season and whether Jason Demetriou or Bennett will assume Walters’ coaching  responsibilities or whether Bennett will bring in another assistant coach to perform that role.

One thing is for certain, if the Broncos are to persist with their current, non traditional halves, Milford and Nikorima, the Broncos’ attack need to start generating more second phase play to enable those two players to individually break the opposition’s defensive line and/or create line break opportunities for the side’s centres and wingers.


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