New coach, same flawed recruitment and retention strategy as Ofahengaue departs

The Brisbane Broncos have the fan that Queensland forward Joe Ofahengaue Has left the club to take up a contract opportunity with the West Tigers.

While the big forward didn’t have the best of seasons in 2020, in that he averaged two missed tackles per game and zero offloads, he still managed to average more than 100 metres per game, where he played at least 40 minutes.

Those numbers meant that overall, he finished the 2020 season as the 10th most productive forward out of the Broncos 16 forward options.

That said, as a Queensland born and bred player, and far more productive than the likes of Alex Glenn, Ben Teo and recently recently sign New South Welshman, John Asiata, it was disappointing to see the Broncos cut loose Ofahengaue, whose retention, along with some additional Queensland born recruits, could have helped start the process to restore the cultural identity of the Broncos.

Instead, the same failed recruitment and retention strategy that has plagued the Broncos in recent years and degraded the club’s cultural identity looks set to continue.


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