O’Sullivan departs Broncos

The Broncos career of half and hooker option Sean O’Sullivan has come to an end, with the player joining the New Zealand Warriors following the expiration of his contract with the Broncos.

A much publicised recruit from the Sydney Roosters, O’Sullivan suffered a cruel ACL injury part way through season 2019, and at a time when his on field performances for Norths were warranting his selection in the Broncos’ senior side. Unfortunately for O’Sullivan, when he recovered in 2020, his on field performances weren’t the same .

In terms of his comparative value to the squad, O’Sullivan ranked 9th out of the Broncos’ 10 half and hooking options in 2020.

White cells denote prospective recruits. Maroon cells denote contracted Broncos players in 2020.

I was hoping the Broncos would not resign O’Sullivan, and I am not disappointed to see him go. Hopefully, his departure will afford greater opportunities for Gamble, should he re-sign with the Broncos, and/or lead the Broncos to consider alternatives such as Marshall, Ahern, Templeton or Rowe.


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