Best fit for the broncos’ head coach for 2021

With the dust settling on Anthony Siebold’s messy departure as the club’s head coach, the question now become who do the Broncos’ target to fill that vacancy ahead of the 2021 season?

Apart from implementing basic slide defensive structures to the team, and instilling in the team’s psych the criticality of maintaining the defensive line’s integrity, as opposed to coming up with highlight reel individual defensive plays, one of the key tactical traits the Broncos should look for in Siebold’s replacement is a coach who has a proven record of encouraging their team to base their attacking play around regular offloads from their forward pack, to create the second phase play and disorganisation in the opposition’s defence to give the likes of Bird, Milford and Dearden the best opportunity to showcase their strengths to individually break the opposition’s defensive line or to create simpler line break assist opportunities

While those players do not possess the creative passing game of traditional halves in order to generate line breaks through their slight of hand with the ball, they are blessed with excellent footwork and acceleration. Moreover, the disorganisation in the opponent’s defensive structure, created by offloads, is a sustainable attacking platform. Those two elements, in combination with an increased focus on forcing repeat sets via grubber kicks, are what the Broncos should look for in their replace coach in order to achieve the required consistency in their on field performances to deliver Premiership success.

Considering the playing strengths and weaknesses of the Broncos’ contracted players for 2021, and in particular the club’s halves, hooker and fullback options, I personally think the Walker Brothers’ tactical approach would best accentuate the attacking attributes of Broncos’ key play makers Milford, Bird and Dearden.

Walker Brothers

This is because this approach is precisely how the Walker Brothers’ like their sides to attack. The forwards of their most recent club, the Ipswich Jets regularly topped the offload statistics in the Intrust Super Cup, and key play makers, Jayden Connors, Michael Purcell and Wes Conlon, regularly in the leading group of players in the Intrust Super Cup in terms of line breaks. That’s not to say the Walker Brothers’ attacking approach is reckless, as the Jets’ forwards also regularly topped the run metres statistics in the Intrust Super Cup.

With the likes of Milford, Dearden and Bird, contracted at the Broncos for next season, and forwards Haas, Carrigan, Lodge and Pangai Junior all capable of producing the required run metres and offloads, the Walker Brothers seem an ideal fit.


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