Broncos continue to recruit based on name rather than productivity as Croft signs on

In another seemingly questionable recruitment decision, the Broncos have announced the signing of half and hooking option Brodie Croft (25) on a three year deal.

While the lack of productivity in the Broncos’ halves and hooking options, was a vexed issue for the Broncos in the 2019 season, investing significant money in signing Croft, whose on field production last season (0 line breaks, 0 line break assists, 3 missed tackles, 185 kicking metres and 0 forced drop outs per match) would have ranked him sixth amongst the club’s halves and hooking options, does not appear to be the answer.

Halves and Hooker

2019 productivity data – halves and hooker

With highly productive alternative options such as Jack Ahern, Kurtis Rowe, Pat Templeton, Christian Hazard and Jamal Fogarty, yet to sign for an NRL club in 2020, it appears once again, that the Broncos have recruited Croft, based on his name, rather than his on field performances. A dangerous recruitment strategy.


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