Broncos secure Paix until 2022

In a further boost to the Broncos’ future premiership prospects, the club has re-signed young Queensland born Cory Paix (19) to a deal which will expire at the end of the 2022 season.

Re-signing Paix is an excellent move by the Broncos, with the youngster ranked 3rd in terms of on-field productivity amongst the club’s halves and hooking options.

Halves and Hooker

Round 16, 2019 productivity data – halves and hooker

Despite Paix, along with fellow young halves and hooking options Sullivan and Dargan, consistently out-performing their more established colleagues, Segeyaro, Bird, Boyd, McCullough and Milford, it has been somewhat surprising that only Sullivan has been given any sort of first team opportunities amongst those three promising youngsters.

If Seibold is to not fall victim to the same fate as his predecessor Bennett, then he needs to start basing his team selection decisions on on-field production, as opposed to reputation and experience. If he were to do so, Sullivan, Dargan and Paix would form his current first choice halves and hooker.

With the Broncos continuing to flounder as Seibold follows a similar path to that treaded by Bennett, it will be interesting to see if Seibold comes to that realisation himself before season 2019 is in the books.


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