Broncos Analysis: Round 2 Player Analysis and Round 3 Team Selection

Following each round of the NRL Premiership and Intrust Super Cup, each contracted Broncos player’s season-to-date performance is analysed and ranked against their internal competition.

This analysis process initially categorises players into one of three positional categories (with the exception of Corey Oates, Darius Boyd, Jack Bird and Jamayne Isaako, who are each considered in two positional categories due to their versatility):

  • forwards
  • centres and wingers
  • halves, hooker and fullback.

Once categorised, each player’s output in defined key performance indicators (KPIs) for their respective positional category is then considered, using data sourced from the NRL and QRL.

Different weightings are then assigned to the KPI data considered for each positional group based on the assumption that the cornerstones of the Broncos’ tactical approach is as follows:

  • To have minimal missed tackles (=<2 missed tackles per player per game) in all positional categories.
  • To generate 100+ run metres and multiple offloads per game from each player in the forward positional group (to create second phase play for the halves, hooker and/or fullback to individually break the opposition’s defensive line or create line break opportunities for the centre and wing positional group).
  • To generate 100+ run metres and multiple line breaks per game from each player within the centre and wing positional group.
  • To have at least 2 long kicking options and 2 short kicking options amongst the halves, hooker and fullback positional group.

The findings provide an invaluable insight as to:

  • how each player ranks against their internal competition within their positional category; and
  • which 17 players make up the Broncos’ most productive team.

Internal player rankings

Following Round 2 of the NRL and Round 3 of the Intrust Super Cup, the player rankings are as follows:



Centres and wingers

Centres and Wingers

Halves, hooker and fullback

Halves, hooker and fullback

Round 2 lineup

Based on the above analytical comparison, and with Haas and Lodge suspended, and Paix, Tanah Boyd, Turpin, Vudogo, Farnworth, and Bullemor unavailable as Elite Development Players, the 17 players which comprise the Broncos’ most productive team for their Round 2 clash versus the North Queensland Cowboys would appear to be:

  1. Anthony Milford
  2. Corey Oates
  3. Darius Boyd
  4. Kontoni Staggs
  5. Gehamat Shibasaki
  6. Jack Bird
  7. Sean O’Sullivan
  8. Tevita Pangai Junior
  9. Troy Dargan
  10. Joe Ofahengaue
  11. David Fifita
  12. Jadyn Su’A
  13. Patrick Carrigan
  14. Jamayne Isaako
  15. George Fai
  16. Tom Flegler
  17. Matt Gillett


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