Jordan Kahu departs Broncos

The Broncos career of centre and wing option Jordan Kahu has come to an end, with the player being released by the Broncos to join the North Queensland Cowboy for the 2019 season.


A graduate of the Broncos under-20s team, the Kiwi international suffered numerous serious knee injuries during his early days at the Broncos, which effectively stripped the player of effective acceleration and speed.

While very safe under the high ball and a reasonable goal kicker, Kahu’s lack of mobility and poor tackling technique was regularly reflected in the player’s lack of productivity in terms of per game run metres and line breaks, and in his relatively high per match missed tackle count.

Specifically in 2018, Kahu averaged only 74 run metres, 3 missed tackle and 0 line breaks per match.

Contrasting Kahu’s on field performances last season with that of the club’s other centre and wing options, and the Kiwi finished last season as the Broncos’ 11th most productive centre/winger.

2018 productivity data – centres and wingers

With a number of more productive centre and wing options in the Broncos 2019 squad, the Broncos’ decision to release Kahu, while overdue, is a smart decision, both from a salary cap and squad management perspective.


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