Broncos sign Fensom for the 2019 season

In recruitment news, the Broncos have announced the signing of experienced forward Shaun Fensom (30) on a one year deal.

While Fensom has a reputation as a hard worker, his signing is very much a questionable decision by the club given his offensive performances on the field were poor, averaging just 47 run metres, and 0 offloads per match. Positivity though Fensom only missed on average 1 tackle per match last season.

Contrasting Fensom’s on field performances last season with that of this new Broncos team mates, and the New South Welshman would have finished the last season as the Broncos’ 19th most productive forward.

With McGuire’s unexpected departure, the Broncos still need to recruit a replacement forward who averages at least 120 run metres per games, no more than 2 missed tackles and multiple offloads per match.

Fensom is not that and his signing is a poor use of the Broncos’ cap space.


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