Bird keen to fly from Broncos nest?

Reports out of Sydney today are saying that Jack Bird is unhappy at the Broncos and is attempting to organise a move back to New South Wales and ideally the Sharks.

This follows reports a month or so ago that Broncos’ head of recruitment Peter Nolan was attempting to organise a trade with the Parramatta Eels, which would have involved Bird joining the Eels and Mitch Moses moving to the Broncos for season 2019.

While Bird has been suffering from a sternum injury for the majority of the season, his on field performances for the Broncos, when fit, have been hugely disappointing, both as a halves or centre/wing option.

Centres and Wingers

HalvesPerformance data after Round 22

To put it bluntly, Bird was a bad recruitment decision by the Broncos. An average centre at best, Bird struggled for the Sharks last season and has continued that poor form for the Broncos this season. While all clubs make some dud recruitment decisions from time to time, the Broncos’ decision to sign Bird on significant money ($750,000+ per season), and without a history of excellent on field production, was a big blunder by the Broncos’ recruitment team Peter Nolan, Darren Lockyer and Wayne Bennett.

Credit to Peter Nolan though for owning his part in that decision and trying to explore options to trade Bird to another club.

Fingers crossed some other club will be dumb enough to take Bird and a sizeable portion of this salary off the Broncos’ books for season 2019.


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