Is Boyd the best candidate for one of the Broncos’ centre positions?

In team selection news, Darius Boyd has told the media that he would be happy to be deployed in the centres for the remainder of his NRL career if that is what’s best for the team.

From a purely defensive perspective, deploying Boyd (1 missed tackle per game) in the left centre position is a good thing for the Broncos.

While Milford’s defence has substantially improved this season (2 missed tackles per game), Alex Glenn’s poor tackling technique and an average of 4 missed tackles per game, is a huge defensive liability for the Broncos.

That said, from an offensive perspective Boyd (who is averaging 99 run metres and 0 line breaks per game this season) is significantly less productive than a number of his internal centre and winger rivals.

Centres and Wingers 2018 performance data after Round 19

For that reason, I would much rather see the likes of Shibasaki (who is averaging 153 run metres, 2 missed tackles and 0 line breaks per game) or Pearson (who is averaging 118 run metres, 2 missed tackles and 1 line break per match) deployed in that left centre position.


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